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OM Games App- India’s biggest gaming hub! We bring you an array of top-notch games where you can place your bets and win amazing cash prizes. Let the cash flow and let the entertainment be amazing with the one and only OM Games App. We offer over 80 online Matka markets ranging from king, regular, and Starline categories. In addition to this, we have some amazing live casino games and poker where you can experience an amazing thrill and select your live table...

ADDRESS : Mumbai, mumbai, india.

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Six months / Six Weeks industrial training is the turning point for every student who has undergone Btech, BCA, MCA, BBA & MBA course. In this age of computer it is nearly impossible to get JOB with just degree or diploma. One must have deep knowledge at least in one of the relevant technologies tha

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Franchise for Cardiac Diabetic Products

We welcome Qualified and experienced individuals as well as Corporates from all over India to become our associates through PCD / Franchise. We offer to them good quality medicines at the most competitive rates in India.

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