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Velturn Techno Solutions is the leading Trader, Supplier and Distributor of World Class Security Systems, Office Automation, and metal and mine detectors in India. We stands to bring in innovative ideas in day to day life and to do business in a cast effective way and thus make its users life more Secure and easier. We provide advanced and reliable equipment, Systematic formulated products. Operations and management modes and other related service according to real Situations of users, really realize industry output, and let the users realize high-yield, high quality and standardization management in short time, So we forwarded by users. Customer satisfaction through excellence in quality is our mission, To ensure top-notch quality and achieve customer satisfaction, the company has made a market by providing excellent after sale service. Velturn Techno Solutions handle new business development, negotiations, administration and much more. We invite you to meet some of our projec

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Velturn Techno Solutions
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Ramu Vanguri
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OKM Rover C II Metal Detector

 OKM Rover C II Metal Detector The grave and tomb detector Rover C II is on the top of all Rover Series products in regard of functionality and performance. It is a combined detector including the features of the metal detector Rover C and the geoelectrical detector Cavefinder. So it cannot only be used to search for buried metals like treasures or boxes, it can also be used to find hidden rooms, graves, tombs or other underground cavities. The redesigned 'New Edition' of Rover C II includes the following special feat

Ground Exper 3D Ground Scanners

 Ground Exper 3D Ground Scanners The best metal detector of the year. Prepared specifically for treasure hunters, adventurers, hunters and explorers with superior German technology. The standards of treasure hunting will change with DRS Ground Exper. It is the best metal detector of the year in Europe and all over the world with perfect depth, perfect metal distinction, unique graphic properties, Windows 7 operating system, multi touch 1.6 Ghz tablet PC, battery system running without interruption for 20 hours, solar battery sy
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